The Team


Deputy michael Duven and creesta

Deputy Duven pictured with his canine partner Creesta. Duven has been a handler for 13 years and has trained two k9’s. Creesta is 8.5 years old and comes to us from Holland. One of their favorite spots to train are schools and stadiums because of all the hiding places and distractions they’re able to work through together. On days off Creesta loves to enjoy her special doggie ice cream.


Deputy ellis brooks and arko

Deputy Brooks started with the department in 2015. Arko is Brooks’ first K9 and a 4 year old Belgium Malinois from Connecticut. Arko’s nickname is “Barko” and I’m sure you can guess why!  Arko Barko is also known to be a blanket thief when he’s cuddled up at home.


Deputy Randy SOuthard and Nero

Deputy Southard started with the department in 1999. Southard has had Nero for 4 years and is his first K9 partner. Nero is 6 years old and came to us all the way from Germany. Outside of work, Nero loves is playing fetch with his favorite frisbee and chasing his tail.


deputy christopher devries and tayco

Deputy Devries started with the department in 2010. Tayco is 4 years and came to us from Mexico. Tayco enjoys is going up north and making a big splash in the lake, as well as chewing apart anything that finds its way into the squad cage.